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We strive to give our patients the best possible service and care. We love to hear about their experiences. Please take a minute to read what they had to say.

In 2004, while giving my then 2 year old son bath I found that he had a large, golf ball sized lymph node in his neck. At the time I worked for a cancer research center so my mind immediately went to the worst possible scenario. We went to the ER where they ran scans, blood work and asked us if we had a family history of leukemia or lymphoma. Then they discharged us and told us that they had us set up to see an ENT in 2 weeks. This wasn’t good enough for me. I was scared and determined that someone would see my son the next day. I called multiple ENT offices in the area the next morning whether they were in our insurance network or not. Not one of them was willing to see my son without an appointment which meant 2-3 weeks wait. I came to Dr. Ambles number and when I called I spoke with a nurse (I wish I could remember her name) who listened to what I had to say and who calmly handled my panic and tears. She told me she would call me right back, which she did. She said that she went and spoke with Dr. Amble and explained to him as a mother herself the fear she could hear in my voice. She then told me that he insisted we come in as soon as we could that day. We met with Dr. Amble immediately when we got there, he calmly reassured me that we would find out what was going on and for me to not fear the worst but he also said he understood why I was so adamant. After he examined my son, ran blood work and placed him on an antibiotic, he called me a week later to tell me that my son had cat scratch fever. Not sure how, we didn’t have a cat but that what was the reason for the lymph node. I will never forget Dr. Amble and his staffs willingness to help out a mother who was scared. Their patience and compassion will never be forgotten from this family, especially from me!

Scott and Sara D.

Dr. Amble, your compassionate care for my spasmodic dysphonia has greatly improved my quality of life. Before your treatments I had difficulty speaking. This was causing me to withdraw from my teaching career, family, and friends. Now, I am happy to say the botox treatments you administered have enabled me to carry on understandable conversations with my family and friends. Thank you!

Mike E.

Regarding Jeanette ~ She does a wonderful job with the patients. She is very sincere and caring. I truly feel like she cares about the patients. She went the extra mile and followed up with us during a difficult time. She was very reassuring.

Jen and Ed M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Amble for some 18 years, and from the first I knew that he is one special doctor. I had infections in both ears, and he made time in his busy schedule, even arriving early at 6am to see me. He has treated me for other conditions, and in each case he was not only caring and conscientious but also very knowledgeable. He welcomes questions, and he takes the time to explain things carefully. He is clearly a top-notch doctor. I would recommend him to anyone.

Niles H.

I have had the honor and privilege to work for and with Finn Amble for seven amazing years of clinical practice as a physician assistant. I came on board with only one year of general ENT and head and neck clinical experience. My knowledge base flourished while working with him. He is a meticulous and efficient surgeon as well as an amazing leader. He yields an extremely high surgical success rate and his patients were thus incredibly easy to follow. I was proud to be a part of his practice. Following his surgical patients was easy as he had such beautiful work and effective results. He was concise and clear in what he wanted for patients and that made it easier to follow in practice. He hand picked his staff which were well trained by him. They are all professional and respectful employees. He definitely has a unique talent for clinical leadership.

He was exceedingly patient with me and made clinical practice a joy. He has a very busy and thriving practice. After a full long day and maybe feeling the need to complain, I would always turn it around and be so grateful God put him in my life as he had so much to teach me. Finn is a wonderful leader and an extremely talented surgeon. I honestly do not think the humble Central Illinois community knows how fortunate they are to have such a talented physician and surgeon. Leaving his practice for San Antonio was the hardest decision to make. But he wouldn’t consider relocating to Texas.

I’ve shared this with Finn in the past, but if I ever need general ENT, head or neck or reconstruction work, I will return to Bloomington, Illnois to stand in line to be under his care, even pull him out of retirement if need be.

I can’t say enough good things about Finn. He offers meticulous, seasoned and diligent care to his patients. He was the best supervising physician and boss I’ve ever had to include a long career as a physician assistant and another unrelated profession. I refer to my time working with him as ‘job nirvana’. I will always be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Finn. God is good!


Loren Marie, Physician Assistant

I was formerly in practice with Dr. Amble for a year and a half and got to see his work and follow-up results in the area of facial plastics and reconstruction after skin cancer excision. Dr. Amble is a surgical master. His results are honestly some of the best I have ever seen, and his patients are extremely satisfied. I learned a lot working with Dr. Amble in this area and to this day will ask for his thought and advice on difficult cases. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Amble for any cosmetic or reconstructive facial plastic surgery needs.


Amit Date M.D.

I had a long history of sinus problems going back to a broken nose in high school. I first saw Dr. Amble in 2009. He gave a good examination, suggested some treatments, and told me I would benefit from surgery. When I hesitated, he referred me for a second opinion. That doctor concurred with Dr. Amble but I stalled a decision. After two more years of considerable discomfort I decided to have Dr. Amble do the surgery. He thoroughly explained what he would do and what I should expect. He was kind, sensitive, and professional. The extensive surgery was not as unpleasant as some report. My recovery was only several months and the results have been very good. I now regret waiting.

Pastor James Bortell

I am so thankful I was introduced to Dr Amble. I consider it a blessing to have him as my doctor. I have had a history of multiple, yearly sinus infections. Recently I had an infection that didn’t respond to my traditional course of action–a visit to the doctor, and a round of antibiotic. Instead of gradually getting better, I could tell I was gradually getting worse. I made an appointment to see Dr. Amble. He took the time to explain to me exactly what a sinus infection is, and the effects of not treating the actual source of the infection. Not only did his treatment clear up the infection, he also explained what I could do in the future if I begin to experience the initial symptoms of one. He was right! A few weeks ago, my usual symptoms began. I followed Dr. Amble’s advice, and this time I was able to avoid the need for my traditional course of action–a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotic.

Dr. Amble is a very thorough and caring doctor. It is obvious that he wants nothing but the best of health for his patients. Some people work in the profession they are clearly meant to be in. How fortunate for me as one of his patients that Dr. Amble is one of those people! Dr. Amble is a life saver

Jeralynne Thielen

Sometimes you need sensible advice and sometimes you need stronger medicine. Dr. Amble gave me both. I have been one of Finn Amble’s clients for a while, and his combination of advice for self-care along with some focused medical care helped me beat this winter’s nasty rhino-virus. As a patient who is cautionary with medicines, I was so pleased that Dr. Amble is ready willing to look at alternatives, uses stronger meds when needed, and continues to follow up with patients. He most certainly is not the kind of doctor who quickly writes out a prescription and sends you on your way. I felt very well cared for at the practice of Dr. Finn Amble.

Ellen Dietz


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